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Wilmington Reproductive Laboratories Prepares to call Bradley Creek Station Home

June 18th, 2020

Whether you are trying to start your family now or are simply thinking ahead to the future, Wilmington Reproductive Laboratories [WRL] wants to help Wilmington and the surrounding areas achieve their dreams.

Launched by a team with extensive experience, WRL has been in business since 2015 and came to the area to provide a specialized service to an underserviced community. Cryopreservation, a unique freezing process that preserves sperm, eggs, or embryos, is just one of the many services offered at the Wilmington-based lab, which works in tandem with local doctors to help people with fertility challenges find success.

[Have questions about the services that Wilmington Reproductive Labs offer? Click here!]

And finding success is why they decided to call Bradley Creek Station home. As with most businesses, location is key to their success. So, Bradley Creek’s convenient location is not only ideal for locals, but also the many patients traveling from areas outside of Wilmington. When searching for a new space, the team at WRL wanted a comfortable, yet an aesthetically pleasing place for current and new patients. They wanted an above ground floor, sprinkled facility, with a desirable central Wilmington location. The lab needed to have a clinical and professional vibe without feeling sterile and cold.

Based on their wants, the team at SAMM Properties knew that space at the new Bradley Creek Station would be the perfect fit for them. It is crucial that SAMM properties fulfill their client’s wish list while making the transition seamless and stress-free. “We work with our clients every step of the way to make sure that the process is as smooth and painless as possible,” said Steve Anderson.

And in the end, SAMM achieved their goals, while helping Wilmington Reproductive Labs to achieve theirs. Working with SAMM Properties was a positive experience for WRL, “their communication, and desire to accommodate the needs of potential tenants made the process enjoyable. Working with a company that cares about not only the space you occupy but also the future of your business was essential for the growth of our business. The interest displayed form the top down sets SAMM Properties apart from the competition,” explains a WRL staff member.

The Wilmington community has always been so supportive of its many local businesses, and the companies moving into Bradley Creek are no exception. Each company, including Wilmington Reproductive Labs, has already made a significant and beneficial impact on the community. WRL’s addition to the new development and the area will continue to assist in the community’s positive transformation.

As the finishing touches are being made, we are excited to see the great addition that Bradley Creek Station will be to the Wilmington community on Oleander Drive.

For more information on space at Bradley Creek, contact SAMM Properties today. And stay up to date with the progress being made at Bradley Creek Station by liking the SAMM Properties Facebook page!

Big Sky Design Elevates with New Location at Bradley Creek Station

March 19th, 2020

Location can make or break a business.

So when Jennifer Kraner decided to relocate her interior design business to our new Bradley Creek Station development, she knew that she had to get it right.

Big Sky Design is a full-service interior design business right here in Wilmington, North Carolina. They’ve spent the last 23 years off the beaten path on Masonboro Loop Road, where they design for both commercial and residential clients. Regardless of the client, their philosophy remains the same: advocate great design in home and office environments.

Big Sky offers up big design to big projects.

With projects ranging from $200,000 homes to multi-million-dollar medical facilities, Big Sky Design is far and away, the local leader in interior design. They’ve been so successful that they decided to open the Big Sky Shop & Collaborative Studio two years ago.

“Through the shop & studio, we encourage people to follow their dreams through finding our resources or by getting help by a designer when they need it for any portion of their project,” Kraner said. “We purchase directly from manufacturers and extend our trade resources and discounts to our clientele at the shop & studio and our Big Sky Design clients.”

[Check out some of Big Sky Design’s beautiful before and after photos here!]

So, after nearly two and a half decades in their original location, and the successful launch of her shop and studio space, Jennifer Kraner made the decision that it was time for an upgrade -but it wasn’t all that easy to pull the trigger.

“I was very nervous at first,” Kraner said. “Deciding to move was a BIG step for us. Especially for me as a business owner because the business means everything to me and my family. We had several concerns about the process, finding the right property, and everything else that comes with moving your business.”

A business location is one of the most critical variables in determining potential success.

That’s where SAMM Properties comes in. We work with our clients every step of the way to make sure that the process is as smooth and painless as possible. “Working with SAMM properties has been a very positive experience,” said Kraner. “This is a BIG step for us, and they have been supportive and informative along the way. It means a lot to work with a company that cares about the future of our business, especially given what is happening in the world right now.”

But it wasn’t all scary for Kraner and Big Sky Design! “To be able to redesign our office space where we meet with residential and commercial clients gives us an amazing opportunity to practice what we preach, elevating our day to day experiences in our work environment by creating a space that inspires all of us.”

Big Sky has done some fantastic things with commercial clients such as Hampton Inn and Suites, WWAY TV, NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher, First Bank, Corning, and many more. While her residential projects span the coasts North Carolina, including Wrightsville Beach to Emerald Isle, and everything in between. We can’t wait to see what the future brings for Big Sky Design as they settle into their brand new office space! Check out their website to see more about their many stunning commercial and residential projects.

Be sure to contact Jennifer and the team at Big Sky if you’re ready to take your home or business to the next level.

And stay up to date with the progress being made at Bradley Creek Station by liking the SAMM Properties Facebook page.

First Carolina Bank Finds Business Location Key to Their Success

January 14th, 2020

The location of a person’s business is one of the most critical variables in determining potential success.

Companies must establish locations based on potential customer traffic, area demographics, accessibility such as nearby transportation options, costs, etc. Among this standard research, First Carolina Bank (FCB) also considered how their new location aligned with future business goals and current trends.

“Most consumers don’t want to visit their bank branch physically,” said David Rizzo, a Market Executive with a long track record in the commercial banking industry. “My intent in selecting a site for First Carolina Bank was to think less about traditional branch banking and more about finding an office space that stands out, that is unique, and that we’re proud to showcase to our clients.”

As the banking industry has evolved over the last few years with technology steamrolling outdated banking methods, First Carolina Bank has learned to mold their business model around current trends. As people have become more adept at using online banking, they have less of a need to visit their physical bank. As banks continue to grow, their corporate locations can seem daunting for those who do need to visit the bank.

First Carolina Bank wanted a location that felt welcoming and trendy, a place that customers would love to visit. The new Bradley Creek Station in Wilmington, NC, seemed like the perfect solution to stand as the beachhead location, which aligned well with the company’s needs and goals.

How can companys find a business location that meets their needs?

Among doing location research, companies must team up with a commercial property developer that has an extensive portfolio, excellent communication with clients, and a mutual understanding of the full company vision. These are just a few reasons why First Carolina Bank chose SAMM Properties Inc., operating under the direction of developer Steve Anderson, to help them develop their new beachhead location.

“There are many great developers in this area, and they all build great products,” Rizzo said, “but people and relationships are the biggest differentiators. [SAMM Properties, Inc.] has clients that follow them from project to project because they genuinely care about their clients.”

Business location and mutual understanding of business goals were top priorities.

First Carolina Bank wanted company goals to align heavily with the location they chose, so it was vital for them to select a developer who cared about the ultimate vision. They also needed the job done well, and SAMM had an extensive portfolio of previous projects that proved their expertise. Finally, they needed a development team that cared as much as they cared. SAMM’s long-lasting relationships with clients, along with raving client feedback, was enough to help FCB make the right choice.

SAMM Properties works to meet your business needs.

When you work with SAMM Properties Inc., “You’ll be working with an experienced developer and contractor who do things timely, have great communication, and both of whom have fantastic reputations in the marketplace,” Rizzo said. “Real estate decisions are not easy, and there is a lot that goes into making a move. Steve and his team recognize the stresses and difficult decisions that go into making a business location move. [With them], you’ll be working with a team of truly great people who go the extra mile for you and your business.”

[Want learn more about SAMM Properties? Watch this quick video!]

Choosing the perfect business location indeed has its challenges, but combining industry and location research with a top-performing developer who cares and communicates is equally as important.

Let SAMM Properties, Inc. provide developer support for your land selection, real estate development, or commercial property needs. Please view our portfolio of completed projects and contact our office for more information.

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“Working with SAMM Properties was so easy. They anticipated what I needed before I even thought of it. I never had to ask any questions about the process. Everything was explained in detail all along the way. I would recommend them to anyone looking to lease or purchase space for their business.”

- Pam Thibault, Owner, Crabby Chic
Bradley Creek Station

“After renting my office space for 20 years we purchased our medical office space from SAMM Properties four years ago. Best business decision I've ever made! SAMM is easy to work with and they over deliver. I highly recommend them.”

- Dr. Edward Paul, OD, PhD, Owner, Paul Vision Institute
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“Steve Anderson is a quality person, who builds a quality product, and makes the entire process a quality experience. He knows what owners want and need in a commercial property. I have purchased two units in Howe Creek Landing and have been delighted.”

- Chuck Earney, CPA, Earney & Company, L.L.P.
Howe Creek Landing

“We worked with Steve Anderson on the lease of our office space in Mayfaire. We were thrilled with the final outcome and look, all beyond our expectation. What we appreciate most was his communication, attention to detail, and delivery of expected results and then some within the expected time frame.”

- Robert O’Bday, Vice President, Monarch Mortgage
The Offices at Mayfaire III

“My wife and I were leasing space for our retail store here in Wilmington and Steve approached us about purchasing space in Phase II of Anderson Square. Since we had always wanted to own our store space, we actively pursued purchasing a location in Anderson Square. I had known Steve for a number of years but had never had a business relationship with him. I was not surprised at all to find that it was an absolute pleasure to deal with him as our new location was being built. He was always available to help in any way he could to be a problem solver during the construction. I had been expecting a lot of hassles during the build as the gremlins seem to thrive around construction sites, but my experience was the opposite. If I needed help or advice, Steve was right there smoothing the way.

We opened our new location in 2004 and I worked closely with Steve until he sold his interest in Anderson Square in 2016. During those years, I found him to be very concerned about the welfare of all the store owners in the center and was constantly picking up trash, hanging Christmas decorations or driving through to check on any parking problems. Steve is the type of developer that remains involved in his projects long after they are completed. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to own or lease a portion of any project he is building.”

- George Elem
Anderson Square

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